Thursday, October 22, 2009

Plan Your New Patio This Winter

By Chuck Westerly

Once it becomes cold outside, most people stop using their patios. This is a great time to renovate the patio, since it is not being used as often you will be able to make any changes you like with little inconvenience to the area.

Expanding and upgrading your patio is not something you do on a whim and now is the time to look through magazines, online sites, and other resources to decide what improvements you want to make. For instance, do you want to stamp your patio to make it look better than that slab of concrete you have there now? Do you want to change the landscaping around the patio to make it all come together better? Do you want to buy better looking patio furniture to create a different atmosphere?

If you want to construct a patio that looks modern, slate is the rock you might think of using. Slate patio ideas will all make your patio beautiful if they are done the right way. Slate is a stone that comes in all sorts of colors and textures and it will give your patio a very elegant look. You see slate patios in many of the more expensive homes because it is a stone that gives your patio and upscale elegant look. Slate won't be the cheapest option for your patio but it could be one of best if you entertain a lot and want your patio to be part of the festivities.

Now, to get really creative with your patio project, there is one idea that is simply a must: lights! Adding lights to your patio will add that finishing touch, giving your patio that little bit of extra flare. There are many different lights and styles to choose from too, so it's possible to create almost any mood you have in mind. A benefit of patio lighting is the added safety, making it easier to walk around and illuminating steps and other objects so that your guests don't wind up tripping over them Lights don't have to be placed only on the patio, but can also be added to your landscape or walkways, creating a very inviting atmosphere in your back yard.

So take the time this winter while things are slow, to come up with a wide variety of ideas and schemes for your patio, and you'll be ready to get going when spring begins. If you get it together now, then you'll be ready to roll and have the patio that you've always wanted next summer.

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