Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Self Storage Systems - Utilizing The Latest Technologies

By Raymond Spencer

The self storage concept entails leasing out segmented spaces of a huge warehouse to clients for any time period that suits them, no matter how short or long. As the industry has developed, self storage firms have started offering more and more novel solutions to the customers to suit their requirements better. These firms have made significant advances in their standards of self storage by using superior technology for the purpose.

Technology was introduced by self storage firms after they felt that their clients' valuable items should be shielded from thefts and burglaries and also from adverse climatic conditions, which can damage some items. Not long after, technology started to be utilized for the purposes of storage and recovery also, much to the customers' convenience.

You will find closed circuit cameras in any good self storage unit which guarantees a safe storage of valuables. This system helps the storage managers and guards to continuously monitor what is going on inside the warehouse and foil any attempts of theft at the onset itself. Door alarms and electronic door entry systems are also installed which makes it very difficult for burglars to move inside the warehouse.

For every single storage unit, the clients are now given an access card in place of a mechanical lock and key system. In fact, some facilities even provide a biometric access system, which uses a hand scanner to access the storage. Such facilities are ideal for those who desire to store high value or secret items.

Identification and tracking using radio waves is the newest innovation in security systems, and some companies have already installed them in their facilities. RFID tags that are too small to be noticed are used in this system, and these tags are stuck to every single item that you store. Discovery of a tag by door scanners makes them raise an alarm the minute someone who is not authorized to move your goods does so inside the warehouse.

People also often keep wooden furniture, artifacts, or paper documents for storage. Adverse atmospheric conditions inside facilities can have a damaging effect on such articles. Similarly, hi-tech appliances and pharmaceutical goods may not be able to endure extreme temperatures. Hence most storage facilities have climate control systems in the warehouse to control levels of temperature and humidity inside the units for safe storage of such fragile and precious goods for a long period.

Besides these, there are a host of other technologies with attractive aspects that are increasingly being used by storage firms. This has guaranteed a highly secure preservation of your items at costs that optimally suit your pocket.

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