Thursday, June 11, 2009

Patio Awnings - A Choice To Consider

By Piper Allington

Thinking about adding an awning to your patio? There are a few things you need to consider first before making the decision. Although not a major purchase, when committing yourself to any type of addition, you should look at the possibilities. Patio awnings come in several different types. Take a look at some of the choices.

In reality this is the simplest way to add more usable space to your home without all the huge building costs, mess, and wait times you incur in trying to build something permanently. An awning provides a covering over your existing patio creating a room with a view, no walls included. This allows your family and friends to enjoy time together in the outdoors, whether it is raining or not. Fairly inexpensive, the patio awning is becoming a standard addition to any home.

Various types of materials are used in making these coverings. The more inexpensive ones are usually made with plastic. And with extreme weather conditions can end up running you into more money with frequent replacements. Teflon and anti-mildew treatments are used on the higher quality ones, which helps to alleviate damage due to weather.

Two types of awnings to consider are the fixed and retractable ones. The retractable awning is best used when you want to have the ability to have full sun visibility. These are often considered to be the better choice as you can retract the covering to prevent damage due to weather conditions. Manual retraction by a hand crank or a motorized method are set in place, depending on your choice, with the availability of sensors to retract on its own when you are not available. Fixed awnings are used when there are extreme weather conditions to be considered. Immovable fixtures, they are harder to clean, and require frequent replacement, but can be a beautiful addition to your home. They come in a variety of clear or opaque styles and colors.

Awnings also help save on energy costs. Shading you from harmful UV rays, they also keep electric costs down by keeping down the entry of heat into your home up to 70%. Air conditioning is then reduced, causing your bills to go down.

Carefully look at what your needs are. Match the available types and styles to your preferences. And then go for it. Enjoy any time of day and all seasons. No matter what, the addition of an awning will be the best one you can make.

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