Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Wall Mirror Expert Information

By William Mann

Wall mirrors can be found in many homes especially in regular bathrooms and dressing rooms. This is predominantly how wall mirrors are used. Essentially, this does not limit where mirrors are placed.

Other than the rest area, mirrors can be placed in any other room. They are now found in living rooms where they are used for decoration. Other places include in front porches, walkways and corridors. Only one's creativity can limit where to place them. In many modern buildings, We even have entire walls made entirely out of mirrors.

There has not been a luck of creative uses for mirrors. One of the most creative is on telescopes. The Hubble Telescope, which is one of the largest telescopes in the worlds, peers into the cosmos via a giant mirror.

Strictly speaking, a mirror need not be made of glass. This is because a mirror is merely a substance that has reflective qualities. In countries like Turkey, obsidian, which is a volcanic rock, was used to make crude mirrors. Today technology has advanced to greater heights and we have far much better mirrors.

These were further polished to create a much smoother surface that had reflective potential. Other tribes like the Mayans utilized polished stone to form mirrors and sharp instruments that could pass as weapons. The Romans then refine the technology using sand and created a crude version of the glass that we have today. Let us now examine some uses of mirrors.

The most traditional use of mirrors is for grooming purposes. We cannot imagine taking a shower, brushing our teeth or brushing our hair without a mirror. Other than the toilet seat, and the tub, the wall mirror is the most important aspect of bath area. Women use mirrors more frequently than men and there exists many instances where they go to the rest area just to "powder" their face and here the mirror is what draws them.

In many hotels, there is even a "powder room" that exists solely for this purpose. Most women also carry powder boxes and make-up kits with them and they also need a mirror to be able to use these. Mirrors are also an integral part of the beauty industry and can be seen effortlessly in many spas, beauty parlors and salons not to mention barber shops.

Let us examine the beauty industry. It is unthinkable to see a beauty shop or a barber shop operating without mirrors. This is because the sole purpose of visitors coming to these shops is to enhance their looks. These mirrors are usually kept cleaning via a variety of window cleaning detergents. Windex is one of the most common. It is cheap and can be found in many shops and pharmacies. Customers who come to beauty salons rely heavily on wall mirrors. In these establishments, mirrors are usually larger and more elaborate than regular mirrors found in most homes.

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