Tuesday, June 30, 2009

TV Stands For Flat Screens

By Ricky Green

These days, when people pick up television they almost mean they're buying a flat screen TV. Generally, flat screen TV's are quite expensive so you just couldn't buy any old TV stand. Here are some tips that would help you find a TV stand that would work really well with you.

The screen size of today's flat panel TV is often larger than the conventional ones but the depth of the screen is always far less. So, the TV stand doesn't have to be as large to be able to hold the television. However, there is another important thing to consider.

Also, when it comes to flat panel TVs, there's more thing to consider than size. The aspect ratio of a flat screen TV is much different from the conventional TV. Conventional TV has a 4:3 ratio which looks quite like a square. Flat panel TV's, however, have a 16:9 ratio, making them look more like rectangular. This aspect ratio accommodates for both HDTV and film formats and provides a good viewing experience.

You have to be keen in choosing a TV stand. It has to be wide enough to protect the length of the TV screen otherwise, the ends would protrude the edge and someone could bump into it and knock it over.

There are many styles of flat screen TV stand nowadays. Some are longer, narrower and others are lowered to the ground. The newest design is the flat entertainment center. It provides a flat, wall-like surface which the TV is mounted on.

However, there are some people who opt not to buy any TV stand at all. Where do they put the TV? They mount it directly on the wall. They can also just simply add a small piece of furniture that can store other media equipment.

When shopping for a media stand always keep in mind the safety of your television. Get a stand or mount that will support your television and at the same time blend with your overall style.

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