Friday, June 12, 2009

So You Want To Build Outdoor Fountains

By Bobby Lois

Learning how to create a outdoor fountain is not very difficult. If you want an outdoor fountain, you may be able to find the materials to build one in the home. Of course, you may decide that buying the materials is a better way to get the design you're looking for. Outdoor fountains are an excellent addition to any home garden, adding that extra touch of style. In order to get the basics, you should continue reading.

Outdoor fountains require an essential group of practical elements to get started. They include the retaining pool, water pump, tubing, waterproof electric connectors, silicone sealant, as well as any extra decorative features you wish to add.

Prior to any digging, you want to choose the location for your outdoor fountains with care. Prior to digging the hole for the retaining pool, you need to call the electric company to have them check for cables below the ground. The service is free and you definitely don't want the costs of repairing severed electrical cables.

Once you've been cleared to dig, get to work. The hole you make for the retaining pool for outdoor fountains must be made a little larger and deeper than the actual pool.

Turning your attention to retaining pool, make a small opening in the side to insert the power cable for your water pump. Then you can take a line of cable and run it inside and to the center of the pool. Remember that you need to use waterproof wiring to avoid shocking hazards. Once the cable has been inserted, you can then seal the hole with silicone sealant.

You are now ready to slip the pool into the hole. The retaining pool for outdoor fountains should be a snug fit. The gaps left on the outside of the retaining pool will need to be filled in with dirt. Now you know you're making progress on the outdoor fountains.

Now you are ready to install the water pump. When the pump is placed in the center of the pool, you can then attach it using waterproof connectors. Based on the design of particular outdoor fountains, you may use different materials to hide the pump. Your pump's power cables should be buried after the pump is completely installed so they are protected from the weather.

When it is time to fill the outdoor fountains with water, you will be checking for leaks at first. The pump can be started if the water level remains constant. If you are sure that the pump is functioning properly, monitor the operation of the fountain for a few minutes. The performance of outdoor fountains is also determined by the proper placement of the water pump.

Now that you know how to build your own outdoor fountains, you can step back to enjoy the pleasant sounds filling your garden. Well-maintained outdoor fountains offer years of enjoyment for you and your family. They not only look stylish, but they can increase the value of your home.

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