Thursday, June 25, 2009

Building Your Home Garden

By Peter Jackwright

A garden brings to mind healthy green grass and several wonderful trees and bushes. Green is a color that is associated with living things and positive energy. A patch of green in the house, on the road or anywhere else makes us conscious of the fact that we are one with Nature. There are countless gifts bestowed upon us by nature. Basically a garden consists of plants, flowers, fountains, long winding pathways, ponds and, let's not forget, green grass. A lawn with neatly trimmed grass is a pleasure to one's sight as well to walk on. Children should be allowed to walk on the grass with their bare feet, as this helps in circulation of blood in the body. This is similar to acupressure for one's feet.

In order to have a great harden, you need to have a nice lawn. The first step in growing a garden is proper lawn care so that when you grow your plants, the soil will have all the nutrients the plants need to grow. Make sure you fertilize your lawn frequently. When your lawn is nice and filled with nutrients, then you can begin to grow a garden.

Watering your garden is an important aspect of building your garden. How much water you'll use depends on the weather, soil conditions, and the type of grass used. For example, the Kentucky blue grass requires less amount of water. Other types of grass, however require an increased amount of water. If you incorporate organic manure into your soil you will not need pesticides and fertilizers. Choose a type of grass which is popular in your area. Some types of soil will benefit some variety of grass. Always choose grass varieties which are known for growing well in your area. Choosing the right type of grass to grow will save you time, money, and effort.

Adding bushes and hedges may be a good part of planning your garden. Assign a space for a pond where you may keep colorful fish and water lilies. Proper plumbing is essential if you're going to set this up. It requires enormous amounts of time and energy to build a garden " just like building a house. Flowering plants and trees are a pleasure to the sight. Take an excursion to your neighborhood nursery and get the right plants and seeds. The gardener there will be able to guide you what grows well in the area.

If you want, you can grow herbs in your garden, as well as a small patch where you can grow vegetables. There is nothing more nutritious than home grown food. It can be a great way to teach your children about nutrition, cut down your grocery bill, and make your meals tastier and nutritious. There is more to a garden than just flowers.

Having a patio with a deck can be refreshing when you feel like relaxing outdoors. Apart from beauty and aesthetics, gardens also provide peace and tranquility to a home owner's mind and soul. Gardens are a great source of pride and food for people. Don't worry if you don't have a natural green thumb- you can learn it!

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