Friday, June 19, 2009

How To Care For Your Lawn

By Toney Gonzalez

A healthy lawn is going to be an aesthetically pleasing lawn as well. A beautiful lush, green lawn provides the curb appeal that no one can deny...and everyone strives for. Having a beautiful lawn is just secondary to having a well kept one and more often than not, an unhealthy lawn is also quite unsightly. What can you do in order to have that lawn of your dreams? Here are some simple tips.

Lawn care maintenance changes with the seasons. In the winter remember that your lawn does not die. Instead, it has just become dormant or inactive and would remain that way until spring comes. As such, one should still keep it clean and free from any weeds that might be working over time. Regular checks would also help a lot in maintaining your lawn's good health.

It's important to keep the lawn free of leaves and other debris. Grass covered by leaves will eventually die due to the lack of sunlight required for photosynthesis. Doing so would enable them to get the maximum sunlight absorption that they need in order to grow.

Adequate summer time irrigation is key to lawn health. Notice I said "adequate" irrigation, not too much or too little. When temperatures rise and rainfall is scarce, you should provide your lawn with just enough water. Keep in mind that giving your lawn too much water can cause damage just as too little water so make sure your water levels are right.

Mowing your lawn properly is key particularly in the summer. Properly means to cut the grass at a higher end of the recommended grass height. This would increase the dimensions of the green surface area and enable plants to grow stronger and protects the roots from the drying action of the sun and wind. Adding this bit of length would also hold back weeds that are trying to break through.

Thatch control is also important. Thatch is basically the material that comes from dead grass as well as other materials that have fallen or are lying on the ground. These things simply inhibit the growth of the grass and other plants instead of decomposing and becoming a natural fertilizer.

Professional help is widely available in the case where a home owner lacks the time or energy to properly care for a lawn. These people would be able to assess your lawn and see to it that it gets what it needs. Thus, making them a great option for when you can't take care of it yourself.

A little preventative maintenance will help to keep your lawn lush and healthy for years to come. You will inevitably spend a bit of money, as well as time and effort in making sure that it doesn't end up becoming a pasture. So keep the tips in mind and have fun taking care of your lawn!

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