Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Your Gorgeous Canvas Print. Where Do You Hang It?

By Rodger Canvasprints

When you first set eyes on your large canvas prints or maybe more than one if like me, your amazed at the look, feel and quality of the cheap canvas prints. Once you have it on the wall it is difficult to not want to cover every spare wall with another photo to canvas print.

However, the last thing you want is to see those great canvas prints deteriorate, so it is important that these amazing canvas prints are looked after and preserved for years to come.

One thing to try and remember is that your canvas prints dont hang on a wall that has lots of direct sunlight or have high humidity. But, i hear you say, arent they uv resistant and waterproof as well? They are, yes. But it still is not a very good idea to subject them to hours of sunshine or steam from the bathroom or they will over a period of time cause some damage.

Kitchens are not the best place in the house to be putting photo to canvas print. All of that smoke, steam and heat is not good for large canvas prints. So keep canvas out of the kitchen area please.

I hear you asking, where can i hang my canvas prints? Most other places are good but try to locate an area that does not receive direct sun, heat and light onto it.

Your canvas print are robust and protected well when you get them. If you were to put them in the kitchen or bathroom, they would still look good for a long time. The trick is to just treat them as you would your paintings or photos for an extra extended life.

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