Friday, June 26, 2009

When Should You Hire A Professional Carpet Cleaner?

By Sharon Jeggert

If you need your carpets cleaned, what kinds of options do you have? We all know a professional can be hired to do the job but do they really do that much better a job than you could do on your own if you bought a machine or rented one? The machines the professionals use are big and so heavy that they often stay in the truck so it seems their machines might do the best job.

If you buy your own machine, your carpets will be cleaned but probably not as well as they would have been if you had used a professional with one of his big machines in a truck. It does seem that to get the absolute best cleaning job done, a professional would have the machinery to do it. But that doesn't mean that you can't do the job yourself and get very good results as well.

If you really need your carpet cleaned, and I mean deeply cleaned or steam cleaned so they have the best chance of looking new, you have a couple of options. You can go out and buy one of the best carpet cleaning machines on the market that are expensive and do it yourself, or you can call a professional. The question is whether that machine you might buy in a store will do as good a job as a professional who has a huge machine in his truck.

If you have carpets that have been neglected and are looking to get them as new looking as possible, hiring a professional cleaner is clearly your best choice. They have the bigger more expensive machines that have cleaning power unmatched in any machine you can buy at the store. Additionally, they have the knowledge of how to clean the carpet and give it the best shampoo and steam cleaning possible. For instance, if you were going to sell your house you might want to use the professional who could do a better job than you could.

Anyone with pets might consider buying their own machine, as periodic cleaning will really be needed. Pets do all sorts of things to a carpet and having your own machine that you can pull out anytime and use just makes sense. For the dirt, germs, and grime pets bring into the house, the carpet cleaning machines you buy in stores will do a good job if you use them frequently. The trick is to never let the carpet get too dirty because if that happens it may become harder to restore it back to its natural state.

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