Monday, June 15, 2009

Why Antiques Furniture Can Be An Easy And Profitable Hobby For You

By Daniel McGonagle

Did you ever wonder if you could make an income from a hobby? I know some people who do exactly that. Take a look at antique furniture as a possible hobby that can be a lot of fun and can yield significant income.

I remember when my mother was looking at old antique clipper-ship paintings and Lalique vases as a way to buy low and sell high to help our family make the mortgage payments during tough financial times. I couldn't believe the difference in the selling and buying prices in the antiques trading market, and that's pretty much the only thing I enjoyed seeing when dragged to those places with my mother when I was younger.

I was a bit of a workaholic when I was younger. I had a morning paper route, an afternoon paper route, and a paper stand to tend to on Sundays, plus I was a caddy at a nearby golf course. So being dragged around to antique sales was not my idea of fun until I recognized the profits that my mother was getting by trading in antiques.

During these years I always had cash in my pocket and felt quite self-sufficient at 9 years old. None of my friends were that fortunate. Along the way I learned a lot about managing my money and my expenses.

After a while, browsing antique furniture stores became more interesting as I noticed the potential for greater profit in the antique furniture niche. Even now, because people are impressed with what they see on the Antiques Road Show, More people are going through their old storage areas and attics now to see if there are any treasures locked away.

As a consequence, there seems to always be some special antique hidden away in a tiny antique furniture shop that just might be the exact item that will pay off your mortgage. As long as it is properly cared for, fine quality antique furniture value will always be increasing. These handmade furniture items are no longer being produced by the historic craftsmen.

The interest in antiques is high already and now more people want more antiques in the market. As a result, the sellers are becoming more informed and more antiques are being brought forward to the marketplace. This makes the entire hobby of antiquing more lucrative from my point of view.

If you sort through your piles of stuff in the garage or attic, you could very likely find some vintage items or antique heirlooms of interest. Rather than letting it stay in storage, you could let those items help you through some difficult financial times. By re-selling such valuables you can give an antique collector a real thrill with your discovery or you can go to Memory Lane, Craigslist or eBay to find antiques buyers and sellers of other antiques.

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