Saturday, June 27, 2009

Basement Remodeling Comes With These Problems

By Samantha Jones

If you are considering finishing your basement and making it into a room in your house that can be used, there are a couple of obstacles along the way. It is common for basements to be both dark and cold which will make them uncomfortable unless you make some changes.

Basement lighting can be quite important as the basement is naturally dark. If you dont provide adequate lighting for whatever type of room you turn it into, your basement space will not be as hospitable as it should be. Lighting can also be used to enhance and highlight areas of a room and this can be perfect for a basement. Especially if you turn it into a game room or a movie room, lighting will become an integral part of your new basement.

Track lighting can be used in a case where you are turning your basement into a room where you will be having friends over and entertaining in. Track lighting looks cool in a bar setting, a game room setting, and any other type of room that you want to look special and highlight certain aspects of. If you are going to be using your new basement for a family room or a playroom, more consistent and bright lights should be used so that the whole room is lit well.

One of the difficulties of finishing a basement and turning it into a usable room is the fact that basements are cold. Heat rises and so the basement is always going to be the coldest room in the house. Many people are discovering they can use their basements for much more than just storage but they are also finding out they have basement heating issues that need to be resolved.

When you remodel your basement and start using it as an everyday room, you may find that it needs its own heating system. Basements can be a good 10 to 20 degrees colder than the rest of the house and so heating the house normally may still leave the basement too cold. This means you might have to get an independent heating system just for the basement or some sort of stand alone heater to do the job. With the stand alone heater though, it will mean you will have to wait a while for your new basement room to heat up to a comfortable temperature before you can use it. Unless you want to keep your heater on all the time, heating a basement is always a problem.

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