Monday, June 29, 2009

Remodeling With Bathroom Vanities For A Fresh Look

By Bruce A Velloso

If you're thinking about bathroom remodeling and not quite sure what to do to jazz it up a bit, you've come to the right spot. No matter how much space or little space you have you can find a bathroom vanity to fit your bathroom and your decor.

Your bathroom can be well organized, and look great. You don't have to try and decorate with just special shower curtains, towels, and throw rugs. There are bathroom vanities that will create a whole new look for your bathroom.

For the larger bath, choose a double sink vanity in a style to fit in with your home decor. There are bathroom vanities in Contemporary styling, a more modern look, and of course a traditional style. For the second bath, or if space is a problem, getting a bathroom vanity to fit nicely is still not a problem. The single sink bathroom vanities are beautiful too and still come in furniture style. Either way you go, you can add another elegant feature by installing a vessel sink.

Don't worry; there are many bathroom vanities to choose from in different styles. Do you want a traditional look or do you want a more contemporary look? If you're not short on space, extend storage room and add a bathroom vanity with two sinks. No more fighting over who gets there first. You can have personal storage areas and sinks for two. I bet the wife will like that. If space is an issue, that's okay too, because the single sink bathroom vanities have plenty of shelves and drawers for storage of personal care items and look beautiful also.

If you decide on furniture style bathroom vanities, you'll have all the drawers and shelves to hold all your personal care items. If you're going double, you can have your own private storage area and not be rushed or be bumping heads at the sink. A furniture style bathroom vanity can be a marvelous option to provide the look of elegance and still keep to a budget. The furniture style vanities come in all the favorite wood types and finishes. I'm sure you can find one to match the furniture of your choice.

The furniture style of bathroom vanities comes in most wood types to match the furniture in other areas of your home. You can choose to go with a mahogany wood finish, cherry wood, in a traditional style. Maybe you will go contemporary with a tempered glass, stainless steel, and black wood. Your bathroom vanity can be as large as there is space available. Even if your bathroom is tiny, you can select from one of the corner bathroom vanities. How about that? I'm telling you, this is a way to go to get that re-molding done with a style and flair personalized just for you and your needs. It's a very good way to provide the look of elegance for a moderate price.

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