Monday, June 8, 2009

Categorizing Walk-In Tubs And Baths

By Bob Ranold

There are so many things that we see everyday in life and get so used to that we do not even stop to think about them. No one thinks of what goes behind mundane, everyday products. No thought is spared to others who might not be as physically capable as us, for whom even simple activities are pretty difficult.

Let us examine bathtubs that fall under this category. You just get in to have your bath and come out like any other day. Why need these different bathtubs in different types? The answer is very simple. It is for the handicapped and elderly people for whom it is quite a task to forego their incapability and climb the bathtub easily. Is it not a torture, with old age hitting hard with arthritis and joints problems?

We have mentioned that those who need walk-in tubs are the physically challenged or those suffering from other health problems. These problems make it hard for these people to get in and out of the bath. In the past, they had to be carried to the tub. Today we have walk-in tubs. This means they no longer have to be carried in and out of the tub. It is also easy to get into a walk-in tub from a wheelchair.

Thanks to the innovative ideas that makes it life simpler and easier. Markets are booming with new styles and latest designs of bathtubs making life worthy, in spite of being handicapped. It is not just the styles, but also various sizes.

Safety Tubs have been a blessing to those who struggled into and out of bath. These Safety Tubs can fit into any space and come in a variety of sizes. There are walk-in baths of 513 x 303 length and breadth. This size is ideal for normal or traditional sized bathroom. If there is more space and there is preference for a spacious bath tub603 long x 323 wide can be tried. If there are space constrains, walk-in bathtub that are 513 long and 263 wide could be installed.

But this is not all. Apart from the 3 sizes of walk-in tubs, extension kits are also available. This ensures that the tubs can be fitted perfectly into custom spaces and are of required standards. Included in this can be 203 width panel that is a very good fit between the wall and the end of the tub near the wall. This panel can also be adjusted according to needs of the customers.

The wide range of walk-in tubs and baths cater a variety of needs of the people using them. Each person has a different "ideal" bath or tub according to his or her particular problem. The simplest of these are the walk-in showers or baths.

The tubs are so flexible one can take a shower or a bath in whichever position they are most comfortable with. Even people preferring to shower in an upright position are accomodated. Walk-in tubs are the great revolution for physically immobilized people. This is because they come equipped with doors on the side.

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