Thursday, June 18, 2009

Real Estate Postcard Marketing Tip: Keep Testing to Discover What Works

By Mark B. Bradley

So your last postcard mailing was a bit of a disappointment in generating leads and sales for your real estate investment firm?

You know this could happen. But deep inside you were expecting good leads will come out of your first batch of real estate direct mail. Now you want the answer to why it did not work. You start to form your own theories. The headline was not magnetic. The call to action was weak. Or you think you should have added more persuasive testimonials.

Now your work-and no doubt the toughest and most annoying for any direct marketer-is to analyze the reasons which stopped this effort being successful. Before rejecting your original copy all together, and making a fresh start, feeling that it's not possible at all, think about this very simple option to correcting your copy.

First I would like to state that I am a "collector" of junk mails. Some collect coins, some stamps, some Mickey Mouse items. I believe junk mail is worth its weight in gold in my business.

How did this idea of direct junk mail farm come about? My name was listed multiple times in mailing lists. Most probably whenever I signed-up for something, I wrote my name and address a bit differently. Or I used shortened versions of my name when I am in a hurry.

This enabled me to receive multiple copies of a real estate direct mail. And I noticed that they weren't exact copies after all. There were slight differences in each one. Moreover, I noticed a unique code on each. Hence, I realized this was how they tested their real estate postcard marketing campaigns.

Now you are curious about the difference in these two mailings, you must have already thought about a big change in copy, or format, but here you are wrong. The changes are very subtle, almost indistinguishable from one to another, and with a single photo on the front page.

It may be a different headline. Or you may decide to place different testimonials on the postcard. It really doesn't matter what you change. Use your gut instincts. Just make sure to change one item only at a time. Then mail it. When the results roll in, then you can compare it to the previous one.

Are you starting to get the results you want? Then you may stop or continue testing to further increase your response rate. Or are you worse off than you were before? Then start to make new theories and again change one item at a time to correctly identify why your real estate marketing campaign is not pumping in sales leads.

Yes, this does take patience on your part. But you'll be surprised how you can perfect a less than stellar performance into an effective direct-marketing postcard campaign for your real estate investing firm. Just give it a try!

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