Monday, June 8, 2009

Glass Shelves' Future

By Garry Shamn

One of the main furniture items that people have been using most are the shelves. Almost any item that needs to be stored can be placed in shelves. But mostly we can find books and picture frames in the shelves. Not only for these, shelves are being used to store any times by most people and this is because not that people are missing the novelty ideas to use the shelves more effectively. The most particular choice comes at the interior decoration part in a room. House clutter is a challenge that is faced by many houses and offices. Clutter is something that when items are not properly organized they resemble something like a heap of goods.

These can be anything like books, DVDs, magazines, shoes, carvings, socks, picture frames and other items. Especially this clutter is formed in large quantities at places where there are children. Because it is believed that children are less tend towards arranging the items in a room in an organized manner. The ideal solution for this clutter is the arrangement of shelves and so, shelves are observed more or less in all houses and offices. The most prominent and popular materials by which shelves are made up of are wood and glass.

The most popular among these are the wooden shelves and can be seen in many houses because wooden shelves are more affordable. The wooden shelves are cheaper because all it takes is to cut down a tree and build one. Trees are abundant in nature and so these are easily being cut down even though deforestation is an alarming issue. Even though environmentalists are decrying the use of wood products because they contribute to deforestation, the usage of wooden shelves has not come down. This is also because wood easily blends with rest of the furniture in a room. The first thing that can be noticed when visited a house is the wooden chairs, sofa sets. To make the entire furniture in a room to appear as a set, the wooden shelves have demand.

Wood is also very durable. The shelves made of wood can withstand even heavier weights. Books, magazines, flower pots are generally placed on the shelved. And in these days as there's an increase in usage of electronic goods, CD players, TV sets also find the place on the shelves.

Even though usage of wooden shelves has its own advantage, glass shelves have also become popular. One of the reasons is because of its strength. The glass used for making shelves is called tempered glass. This material of glass is exclusively used for making shelves and other such furniture items because tempered glass can withstand heavier weights. Tempered glass is different from normal glass. For instance, when a normal drinking glass is dropped, it gets broken into hundreds of pieces. But this is not the same with if a tempered glass breaks. This is a special feature of this material thus making the use of these glass shelves very much safe to use even if the house has children or people who are little careless in attitude.

Cleaning of glass shelf is very much simple. Though both wooden and glass shelves get dusted, cleaning of glass is most comfortable thing to do. Just a piece of wet cloth and soap solution to wipe the glass material can make it look all new. But in case of wooden shelves cleaning is not this simpler giving glass shelves an instant advantage in choosing the type of shelf between wooden and glass.

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