Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What Should I Look For When Reading Outdoor Carpet Reviews?

By Zak Stanislawski

Outdoor carpet reviews look at the types of outdoor carpet available and which is best suited for your project. First we need to consider a few things before choosing the best outdoor carpet for your project. Where will it be used? Will it be exposed to moisture, sun or chemicals? How much traffic will it endure?

We first need to consider a few things they are; where will it be used? Will it be exposed to moisture or other weather elements? Will it be used around the pool? How much traffic will it have to endure? These answers will determine which will be the best outdoor carpet.

If the area you want to cover is patios decks or pool sides then grass outdoor carpet would be a better solution, because it is stain and moisture resistant. It's also protected from fading in the sun. If it will be exposed to moisture it should have a marine backing. This will prevent mold and mildew problems. Astro turf is also used for golf courses, play grounds and athletic fields.

Often, outdoor carpet reviews will mention plush carpet. If you want to carpet an area that is not exposed to direct sun or weather then you can choose plush carpet. Plush carpet is generally thicker, softer than the others types of outdoor carpet and holds up well in high traffic areas.

You can purchase outdoor carpet in either tiles or rolls. Both works well in high traffic areas, if you use a thicker carpet. The extra thickness also adds to the carpets endurance making it last longer.

Tile carpet is easy to install all you do is peal the backing off and press. If it becomes damaged you only need to replace the damaged tile, not the entire thing. Tile outdoor carpet can be used on wood ceramic, stone and cement floors, it's recommended to use tile in areas exposed to moisture, because interlock tile allows for drainage.

Using outdoor carpet is an easy cost effective way to improve the value of your home. Before you buy you first need do decide where it will be used, and what torture will it have to endure.

Next decide on the thickness, thicker higher quality carpet generally lasts the longest. Then decide if you want roll carpet or tile carpet. Lastly check for its resilience and any maintenance that it might need. This will help you learn from the best outdoor carpet reviews.

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