Friday, June 5, 2009

The Right CD Storage Can Preserve Your CD Collection

By Eva Miller

The compact disc has completely changed the way we listen and experience music. This has essentially been made possible by technology that utilizes digital figures in the form of ones and zeros instead of the convectional "grooves" that are cut into a traditional vinyl 12' record. This digitized format of music produces music that is so clear that it is the most accurate representation of the studio sound one can come to. The CD player reads the CD ones and zero by means of laser technology which also minimizes the possibility of "skipping" although this has not totally been eliminated. Consequently, CD sound is of a far superior quality than its aged counterpart the 12' vinyl record.

While CD technology has been termed one of the awesome wonders of the 21st century, the actual CD has to be stored well in order to preserve its quality and ensure its durability. This is because, like the vinyl, the CD could also become susceptible to damage by being scratched and cracked and this can adversely affect the quality of the sound. While CD sound is way superior to that of the vinyl record, CDs can also "skip" if damaged. A few ways that CDs can get damaged is through:

- Exposure to the sun - Exposure to extreme cold - Exposure to heat (car) - Exposure to liquids - Exposure to dust - Cracking - Bending - Being overplayed

One of the best ways to prevent CD damage is through the right kind of CD storage. This can be achieved by getting the proper CD storage shelves and racks as opposed to piling CDs onto each other the way so many people are accustomed to doing.

When we speak of CD storage units, we are referring to CD cabinets; racks, stack bins and drawers are more. As long as you purchase either one of the above you are OK. The type of storage unit you select depends on the number of CDs one is. Typically, the more CDs you have then the larger and stronger the storage device needs to be..

CD storage units are available in different shapes, textures and designs. They come in wood, fiberglass and even plastic which are very popular because they are light and can easily be moved and stored. Racks are a favorite because they can be mounted on walls or just erected upright against a wall which is convenient for most people. Plastic CD storage racks are also easy to move meaning one can easily carry the storage unit from room to room at their convenience. Wooden CD storage cabinets are popular with those that have a larger-than-average CD collection. This can be individuals who have been collecting CD music for many years, schools and other training institutions, libraries and even businesses which deal with media. Wooden CD storage units are also preferred for cosmetic reasons in that they easily blend with the rest of the furniture and actually enhance the overall design of the room.

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