Thursday, June 18, 2009

Harvest the Power of the Sun with Right Guide for Homemade Solar Panels

By Andrew Keith

If you are one of the growing number of people these days who are "going green," then you may have thought about looking into homemade solar power as a source of energy. On the surface, it sounds like a great idea.

If so, you may have also thought about installing homemade solar panels in your home. At first glance, it appears to be a great way to go, and you probably think that could even save a lot of money with a do-it-yourself manual or instruction book about homemade solar panels since you wouldn't have to hire expensive contractors to complete the task.

But as it turns out, the homemade solar panels purveyors often turn out to be little more than scam artists, and their books and manuals usually try to entice people to waste their hard-earned money on additional products that you don't really need. They promise you the moon (or in this case, the sun) but generally don't deliver on the hype, and in some cases, their systems generate little power, if any, at all. They try to sell you on science "concepts" that are taught to elementary school students and pass them off as innovative technology.

Another big reason why homemade solar panel instructions are unreliable is because of the technological concepts they teach. In many instances, this turns out to be nothing more than the most basic science, like the type that is taught in elementary schools. As a result, the solar power is extremely inefficient, if it even works at all. Finally, if you have a problem, and the chances are that you will, your customer service experience will be less than satisfying, if the customer service department exists at all.

Through his own trials and tribulations with homemade solar power, Andrew Keith has become an expert in this area. He has spent thousands of dollars on solar panels and manuals that simply did not produce results.

By accessing the two manuals he has made available, you will learn how to avoid the do it yourself solar scams that plague the industry that he has gained the hard way, through personal experience. Andrew's goal is to help you obtain the homemade solar panel instructions you need so that you can maximize the benefits of solar power in your home.

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