Saturday, June 20, 2009

Keep Your Home Warmer

By Lisa Condrey

Everyone seems to be concerned with saving money and saving energy. One of the biggest winter home expenditures is heating costs. Hopefully we can come up with some valuable resources for keeping your home warm.

Eliminating drafts can be one of the best ways to warm up your home and save on heating. Check your walls, and doors and windows for areas where heat may escape and cold may get in.

When you find the drafts you can use weather stripping to seal up the draft. If there is a draft under a door it?s easy to throw down a draft blocker or a rolled up towel. Some people get creative and do all kinds of creations with plastic, sheets, tape, etc. You?ll have to follow your budget and tastes on that one.

Some people like soft absorbent furniture with lots of pillows and throws. This can also make your room warmer. Not to mention cozier. Cold air can get absorbed in all of the cushioned softness, keeping things warmer.

Do it your self insulation techniques are great. But if you can afford it, you may want to have a professional check out your insulation. Modern techniques are innovative and effective.

A digital thermostat not only looks great it can really improve the performance of your home heating system. With the automatic settings you can have your home set at different temperatures throughout the day and week. A common use is to have the house cool while you?re gone and warm it up right before you return home. The same goes for when you?re sleeping. The heat kicks in right before you get up.

Keep your furnace properly maintained. It should be clean and free of debris. It should be functioning correctly and the moving parts should be well lubricated. Also filters should be checked and cleaned or replaced as necessary.

A fun and popular way to keep your home warmer is to use a fireplace. Some refer to this as zone heating. Where you put extra heat in the room that everyone is using, such as the family room with the fireplace, and then the thermostat can be set lower, to save on energy costs.

Some older fireplace can actually be drafty and cold but with the proper fireplace insert. Your old fireplace can be transformed into a clean and energy efficient zone heater. That will put extra heat into the area where you need it most.

Some clean burning gas fireplaces have blowers which help distribute the heat throughout the room. Once again helping to create that zone that helps to lower the temperature on the thermostat. Modern fireplaces and accessories have really come a long way.

If you don?t have a fireplace the electric fireplace is a great option. They can be inexpensive and portable and warm your room while giving you something to look at. If all else fails, get a blanket and light some candles. Enjoy your winter.

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