Monday, June 29, 2009

The Easy Way To Restore A Log Cabin Kitchen

By Ryan Henders

Owning a log cabin is often a dream of many. On the other hand when it comes to having to do some restoration to some of its contents then it may not be such a great dream. It is a task that can be done quite successfully if you are somewhat handy with some woodworking tools. If you aren?t then there?s no better time to learn. Unless of course you want to contract the work out and pay big bucks for labor.

Most often with a genuine log cabin, you want to preserve its character. The room that is probably in most need of repair will be the kitchen. In this case, consider giving it a face-lift as opposed to ripping everything out. The biggest area to work on or will be in need of work is the cupboards and counters.

On an average, you will find that they were probably constructed from 1-inch pine. The counter top should probably be replaced especially if the surface of it has begun to crack. This can be a health hazard because food builds up in the cracks and lays the perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

So getting down to work the best thing is to remove the cupboards and drawers and take them to the workshop or outdoors to work on. Begin with a 120-grit sandpaper and sand each one of the pieces. If the paint is, solid it should act as an undercoating for you and you won?t need to sand down to the bare wood. All you are doing with this sanding is removing the surface dirt and debris that has build up over the years. Once you have done this then you are able to choose the colors you want to work with. You want it to compliment and blend in with the rest of the kitchen. Perhaps deciding on your counter top first will help you to determine a complimentary color for the cabinets. Don?t just toss the hardware away. Most often, it can be cleaned with some silver cleaner or brass cleaner depending on what they are made of. Even paint thinner may do the job. If you find the hardware doesn?t fit in with your new d?cor then you may be forced to buy new ones. Just put the old cleaned up ones away for another project.

Depending on the shape of the interior of the cabinets, you may only need to line them with fresh shelf paper. If there are a fair number of cabinets, then buying a roll of vinyl wallpaper may be cheaper than buying those small rolls of shelf paper.

You will probably find installing the counter top a bit more of a challenge. You may want to consider buying one of the new tops. There are many on the market that would no doubt blend in with the d?cor of the cabin.

If the wood of the counter top is still in good condition, then just remove the decorative surface and consider buying one of the easy to install laminates. If this isn?t to your choosing, you may want to consider some rustic ceramics. There are many options available when it comes to new tops. You may want to consider one of the butcher-block type styles.

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