Saturday, June 13, 2009

Glass Blocks Can Totally Transform Your Home Or Office

By Garry Brown

We all need a change at times and this change can be in the form of the right surroundings. That is why interior designers are becoming more and more creative and are constantly finding ways to make their surroundings better. With the baby-boomer generation getting older, they children are now buying homes and are even more creative than their parents. That is why when we look at new homes, we see a wide array of different designs and shapes.

One of the best ways to accentuate your surroundings is by installing glass blocks. For those who are constructing new homes, this is very easy and involves simply adapting a whole new approach to interior design. This then is followed by asking the interior designer to create a section of the wall using glass blocks.

Glass blocks are quickly becoming very popular and we can hardly travel very far before we encounter them in either someone's house or an office. One of the reasons why people are choosing glass blocks is because they are attractive. Unlike the regular bricks which are dark and gloomy, glass blocks allow light into the room making them an easy choice when it comes to recreating exotic and tasteful surroundings. That is why they are preferred now in many office buildings.

The fact that glass blocks allow light also makes them a huge energy saver especially in these times when businesses are looking for different ways to boost cut energy costs. In a traditional building, the room is often dark and to enable employees to work effectively, artificial light is used.

This means lamps burning and lit all day long and all night long. It is not hard to imagine that these businesses pay through their nose when it comes to energy costs. Glass blocks can change all this. During the day, there is no need for artificial lighting.

This is because the blocks allow light inside therefore eliminating the need for lights being lit all day. Imagine the sheer energy costs. The fact that glass blocks allow light also helps ease stress in the building because although they are not 100% transparent as in, say, drinking glass, they nevetheless allow the occupants of the room to have a limited view of the vegetation and activity outside. With time, glass blocks are being designed that can actually allow more light into the room without necessarily compromising on privacy. This means the people inside the room can see outside but the people outside cannot see inside.

To get glass blocks installed in your home or office is not all that complicated. Most people simply take a trip to their local home improvement store and go to the interior design section. Here there are competent people trained on glass blocks and all that pertains to them. For a small fee, the home improvement personnel can even come and install the glass blocks for you.

The Internet also contains tons of helpful information on glass blocks; from different types, to the prices. That means that you can do the necessary research before you do your installation.

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