Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Why Have Permeable Landscaping In Your Wilmington DE Garden

By Jim Carpenter

There are numerous contractors offering landscaping in Wilmington, DE but how do you know which ones are suitable. Certainly when it comes to selecting Landscaping Wilmington DE contractors a good idea is to ask family members or friends if they can recommend someone.

However another thing you can do is look at the kind of landscaping that they offer. If you want your garden to thrive throughout the year look for someone who offers permeable landscaping. This form of landscape garden actually ensures that the soil not only gets sufficient amounts of water but also air as well.

These types of gardens will be planted with large amounts of trees, plants, rocks other natural materials and some man made ones but will not cover the entire gardens surface. They will leave space between them giving the soil below room to breathe and collect water.

The problem with many gardens today is because of our hectic lifestyles many people prefer to have ones which are low maintenance. This is why many of them will use products in their gardens which prevents air and water from actually being able to penetrate the soil below. Items like paving slabs and patios are now common features in many gardens.

Having permeable landscaping in your garden has other benefits as well. One of these being that it actually helps to prevent soil erosion occurring as the plants and mulch through the establishment of good root structure. So the chances of it eroding away when it rains is greatly reduced.

When considering having this type of landscaping done in your garden by a landscaping Wilmington DE contractor you need to spend time with them planning what it is you want. A good landscape gardening contractor will be more than willing to spend time and listen to what you have to say along with making their own suggestions to meet your particular requirements. One thing they may suggest is the planting of several plants together which need quite a lot of water at any one time. Doing this actually means you have to use less water in order to keep the plants looking good and healthy.

Selecting the right trees, shrubs and man made or natural structures can also be of benefit to your home and your health as well. The right ones will help to modify the climate around it and this could drastically affect how much heat the house retains in the winter and how much remains outside during the summer. Certainly the right kind of planting around your home could reduce your winter heating bills by as much as 25%.

Using a reputable landscaping Wilmington DE contractor to help plan and then execute a great looking garden for you can increase the value of your home. Certainly those homes with gardens that have been well designed can increase in value by as much as 7.5 percent. Plus if you intend to sell your home in the future a beautifully laid out landscaped garden can actually make a sale occur far more quickly. Homes with great looking gardens spend around 5 to 6 weeks less on the books of real estate agents than those that do not.

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