Friday, June 12, 2009

Glass Shelves Basics and Information

By Garry Shamn

Many interior designers believe that it is not possible to have a good interior design dcor in a house or an office without having a good shelf system. Shelves are used to add a touch of color and uniqueness to a living room, an office or an apartment and on shelves are placed a wide range of things such as glass carvings' to books to vases. When it comes to shelves, wooden shelves have been the most popular but more innovation in the arena of shelves has seen glass shelves reclaiming their position. There are now more exotic types of shelves such as glass shelves. But before we examine glass shelves, let us take a closer look at their counterpart, the wooden shelves.

Wooden shelves have been around for some time. Most of the available types popular today are not necessarily made of real wood but are usually constructed out of a cheaper brand that really resembles the solid core pressed wood or plywood. The process of producing cheaper imitation wood for shelf construction is also called "engineered". To make the wood more attractive, it is then covered with paint or veneer. This makes it not only very attractive, but also much cheaper than real wood. This process is also very economical and can make this generic wood actually lighter and stronger than real wood! This is an amazing fact.

But glass is also becoming widely popular as a construction material for shelves. But not all glass shelves are the same. Glass types come in different shapes, styles and materials. In order to get the best deal, it is essential to first find out which the different types are and what options are available to you.

One type of glass is called tempered glass. The reason why tempered glass is ideal for glass shelves is because while it is glass, it is not ordinary glass. Ordinary glass breaks and shatters into a thousand pieces which can be very dangerous. When buying a glass shelf, make sure that it is tempered glass.

There are a few factors to consider when purchasing a glass shelf. The first one is the one we have mentioned and that is to make sure the shelf is made of tempered glass. This is strong and resilient especially if you are like many people who want to place a TV or a stereo on top of the shelf. Others place books and carvings underneath.

The other aspect to consider is where the glass shelves will be placed. It is recommended that the shelf be placed where there is no door that can knock it when it opens. This is essential because many people place important things such as picture frames, electronics, carvings and shelf clocks.

Glass shelves are very attractive and add a very exotic look to a living room or bedroom. They are strong and therefore a heavy item can be placed on it such as a HDTY, a stereo or other structure.

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