Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Decorating Your Bathroom and Kitchen

By Marion Jones

For people who seem to have everything or for the people who are bored with their lifestyle, there are a few things that they can do to spruce-up their lives. Maybe one of the best ways though is to begin redecorating one's house. Two of the first places you should consider redecorating are your bathroom and kitchen.

These are often the most overlooked and most used rooms in the entire house. Think about it, have you redecorated at least even one of these rooms within the past few years? The answer is probably going to be no. In which case think back to the last time you even looked closely at your bathroom or kitchen other than to clean them.

More than likely, if you noticed anything at all, you put the notion off until a future date when you could devote more time to decorating your bathroom or kitchen. At that time though, the place probably didn't look as bad as it does now, after all, the years add up and even though you've been keeping it spotlessly clean you can't stop the steady progress of time.

It is probably true that if you take a closer look now, you'd find that the curtains are looking a might drab and ragged around the edges, as are the bathroom mats. And do not even look at the soap dish. It is quite true that they don't make things like they used to and for a very good reason too!

So, do yourself a favour and throw out all that unnecessary junk in the bathroom and get yourself some new accessories - you will be surprised at what lovely things you can find nowadays. Besides, you've probably been eyeing that lovely bathroom set you saw in the shop for some time, so at the very least now you will have a good reason to go out and treat yourself.

And while you're about it, you might as well buy that lovely new salt and pepper mill set you saw last week for the kitchen and a few mats that can be used in either room. They should be resistant to such everyday occurrences like water, soap, oil grease, fat and all the other things that somehow seem to become ground into carpets.

However, if you're looking for some new ideas on decorating your bathroom or your kitchen, there are a number of resources you can get your inspiration from. The best one I've found so far are the catalogues, which you can peruse to your heart's content.

With all these options, you could even substitute something that is less expensive for the items that you see in the catalogues. This then, is the best way to get your decorating projects started and to keep yourself busy for some time to come and to make your long suffering bathroom and kitchen areas spotlessly new and glitzy.

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