Friday, June 5, 2009

The Steps Taken When Building a Home

By Chuck R Stewart

Before any architect starts to build, they sit down at a drafting table in a drafting chair and write down their ideas. While sitting there, they may also meet with the person they are building for so as to make sure that what they have written down is what the financer wants. These preliminary steps are critical in any undertaking that requires an architect. The architect must do their job correctly for it to turn out right. If they do not, then the architect loses credibility and eventually buyers and even their job.

Any architect knows the importance of getting the blueprints perfect before breaking ground. They will sit down and draft preliminary drawings and sketches according to the wants of their customer. They will probably have the customer with them during this time, with them as they make their very first sketches and renderings, at least so that they have the basic ideas of what they want.

Their next step will be the blueprint drawings. If they are planning on building a house, they will have a different sheet for each room, staircase, floor, etc. This allows the family who is designing the house to have a detailed idea of what it is going to look like when it is built. The architect will want to meet with the family and show them these blueprints before he gets started.

Once the plans are okayed by the family, the architect will need to hire builders and electricians and plumbers to do the work he cannot. No matter the magnitude of the project, more or less amounts of people will need to be hired: more for a larger project and less for a smaller one. An architects job, however, wont be finished until the end. He will have to be present at all times during the project, so as to make sure that everything is done properly and with the right materials. If something goes wrong during construction, he will have to be there to ascertain that it is fixed and done correctly the second time through. If it is not, the architect should consider hiring a new construction company or crew of workers.

Once the house is erect and the construction is complete, the architect and the family together will have to decide upon whether or not they should hire an interior decorator. An interior decorator, if hired, will help the family design and decorate the inside of the house, matching up pattern and color and architecture to flow seamlessly throughout the home. After, or before, the interior is complete, a landscaper will want to be brought in to survey the land and put in the proper landscaping elements such as a patio, courtyard, a swimming pool, the right grass and plants and also a few trees, making sure that the trees are not to close to the house so as to make sure the branches will not fall on it during a storm|make sure the exterior of the home looks as great as the inside does.

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