Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Best Way to Clean Your Pool

By Adrian Grey

Having backyard pool adds a whole new dimension to your relaxation and home entertainment whether it is just for you and your family or you have attending guests. Organize a fun party and enjoy splashing and swimming in the cool waters with your family members and friends. Enjoy crisp mouth-watering outdoor cook-outs at pool-side gatherings. You can also enjoy a quiet swim alone in the privacy of your own one or simple laze on lounge chairs under the summer sun beside the it. Your kids will love it and it is great way to tide away hot summers.

However all these activities soil the pool with junk and dirt. Even when the it is not used it accumulates bird poop, algae, leaves insects and plants. Cleaning the pool is a cumbersome and time consuming task. Most people opt to hire professional cleaners due to this reason. Automatic and robotic cleaners are most commonly favored and used these days. Out of the two automatic ones are the more sought after pool cleaning equipment. Amongst various brands available in the market, Tiger Shark, Polaris and Dolphin are in high demand. They are varied in price and have dissimilar installation processes.

The automatic pool cleaner resembles an ordinary house vacuum cleaner. It works using much of the same principles as a vacuum cleaner. It has a start/stop power button. When switched on it moves arbitrarily on the pool's floor filtering dirt, rubble, leaves and other small trash which have fallen into the water and settled down at the bottom. It works effectively and makes it spic and span. It has the capability to collect small bugs and insects that have died in the pool water and sunk to the pool floor.

The robotic cleaner is a variation of the automatic It is technologically more advanced than the automatic cleaner and it endeavors to fill the loopholes and shortcomings in the working by it improved design. Unlike the automatic the robotic ones don't make use of suction principles or skimmers. They move from the pool floor to the surface of the water collecting dirt and waste all along the way. Robotics that move on their own with remote controls are the latest sensational entrants in the market. They are extremely beneficial as they can clean all areas that are not easily accessible such as the pool bottom.

Automatic cleaners have one disadvantage- the motor is rather noisy underwater and can be a nuisance for under water swimmers. However they continue to be popular because they clean the entire pool-its surface and floor and are cost efficient. But for automatic one you would have to seek the services of professional pool cleaning companies who send it to clean your pool with their cleaning apparatus. Thus automatic pool cleaners help you save a lot of money.

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