Thursday, June 4, 2009

Automatic Pool Cleaners Still the Most Popular

By Adrian Grey

Come summer time and many people think of the water and the beach. There are those who are lucky to be living next to a beach and when the sun comes up they can quickly get into their swimming or water gear and hit the shores. Then there are those who do not live anywhere near the beach. One of the ways such people have still been able to indulge in their love for water is to have a private swimming pool. Backyard pools are common in many parts of the world especially those where the weather permits.

Having a backyard pool is a very exciting thing especially for those who love water and water sports. Many also conduct backyard barbecue gathering s especially in the summer and invite friends and family. A pool can be a very relaxing and invigorating especially when it is hot. But those that have pools will tell you that other than the beauty and leisure benefit, there is the maintenance side of tit.

Pools can attract dust, dirt, debris, insects and even mold if not properly maintained. Some people especially those who bought homes with swimming pools but did not particularly care to have a pool can tell you that neglecting a pool can have hazardous effects. The answer is pool cleaners.

Sometimes those who have pools do not have the time to clean them and simply call the local handyman or pool service that comes to do the cleaning for them. This is ideal because these are professionals and are bound to do a much better job of cleaning that if you made the attempt with your limited time and skills.

There are different types of pool cleaners but the most popular is the automatic pool cleaner. This resembles a regular vacuum cleaner but sits at the bottom of the pool collecting dirt, debris insects and anything that may have inadvertently fallen into the pool. Automatic pool cleaners are very ideal because not only do they clean the surface area of the pool, they delve deep into the water and clean the pool bottom as well. They are attached to a power source and have a start-stop button much the same way a regular vacuum cleaner does. Among the pool cleaners that are very popular is the Polaris automatic pool cleaner which by far has the largest market share.

Pool cleaners are a very ideal way of maintaining your pool. This is because for countries that winters will most likely not use the pool for a good 6-7 months at a time unless it is an indoor swimming pool. This means there is ample opportunity for the pool to collect all kinds of debris and junk especially if there are little children in the home who throw things inside.

People love pool cleaner although one of their drawbacks is that they tend to be noisy. When an automatic pool cleaner is trawling the bottom of the pool, it emits a loud engine-like sound that can be irritating.

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