Monday, June 8, 2009

The Frugal Persons Guide To Decorating A Baby Room Cheaply

By Alexandra Vrugt

Having a baby is a great time to explore your creative side as you prepare for your new addition. Many, during this economy crisis, are trying to find ways to decorate the baby's new room without wreaking havoc on their bank account. Here's how it can be done:

Decide on an overall look or theme. Picking a basic theme for your baby's room will help you to narrow down your needs and wants and is really the first step in the money saving process. While picking a theme is good, it is better not to get tied down to one color. You may be able to buy for cheap a paint that will fit into the general color palette for the room by checking the "oops" section of your local paint or home store. There you can expect to get a full gallon of paint for about $4 and, possibly, small cans of trim paint for even less!

Mix or match the wall art. You can find a good variety of wall borders and decals that can be cut into a special design or trimmed to match your theme. Another great place to find wall art is the Clearance area at your local home improvement store. By decorating this way, you could potentially finish the whole room for $5 or less!

To add a little flair and class, consider framing some high resolution pictures that you can find and print from the internet with some cheap, but chic picture frames from your local dollar store. This is a quick and fun way to make the walls really pop without costing your family a lot of cash!

Plan the space layout so that you can determine which types of furnishings you will need or want. That way you will be able to buy for cheap without overbuying. Babies don't know how "keep up with the Jones". They don't know whether something is new or older. Be wise with your spending like any good frugal fashionista and you could end up with more than you think!

Don't miss opportunities to get stuff for free, to borrow, or to buy for cheap those final pieces to complete the look and feel that you want for the baby's room. From free classifieds to parent support groups, there are plenty of places to canvass for free, or close to free stuff for baby. You won't need to pay an arm and a leg. You may only need to pay for some gas and an extra hand to get your "new" stuff home!

Never forget to check the local consignment shops and thrift stores. You may find pieces that you can paint or cover for cheap to give your room that special look. Use your creativity and have fun with it.

Use this cost conscious guide to decorate your baby's room into the best place ever for your baby to live and grow...and of course, take advantage of saving, cost-cutting, and every opportunity to buy for cheap!

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