Saturday, June 20, 2009

Make Your Own Soy Candles

By Mary Hill

Because soy candles are made from renewable resource they are preferred by environmentally conscious candle lovers. Aside from the benefit of clean and long burning, soy candles are biodegradable because of the fact that they are literally made soybeans. Using soy candles over paraffin wax counterparts is more economical because they last 30% - 50% longer. Imagine the added benefit if you make your own soy candle.

Because of this a lot of candle lovers switched to soy candles. For one, it's easy to make with no complicated instructions and the materials is freely available in almost every craft store. Plus you get the joy and pride each time your candle is displayed at your home. Especially when there's visitors.

The first thing to do is to prepare your shopping list. You do not have to worry much of the materials you need to make the soy candles as they are available in almost every home. Primary on your list is a pound of soy wax and a mason jar.

This is optional but recommended. Get a fragrance oil and a color dye of your choice. There's ton to choose from so take your time to go through the sample. Try to match the correct color for the right fragrance smell though. If you want to make more candles you can get a canning jar too as they're good for making soy candles.

Now, after you get all the materials required. It's time to make your first soy candle! You might make a lot of mistakes the first time you do it, and frankly the more complicated you make this seems like the less fun you're going to experience. I'm an advocate of keeping things simple. Here's what I do. Melt the wax until it's completely melted. No, you don't need to watch the timer or the thermometer.

Now, you would want to watch your wax because you'd want to put in the fragrance oil and dye when it's completely melted. Turn off the heat first though. Just stir the fragrance oil in it until it is fully absorbed into the wax. (you can use anything to stir it) Now, add in the candle dye.

Oh before I forget, you'll need to read the instructions on the color dye too. Add to much and you'll get a vastly different color. Add too little and you might as well have a clear soy candle.

The last step, at last! While your wax is still in liquid form, you need to prepare your mason or canning jar for pouring. Put the wick straight in the mason jar and keep it straight as you pour the wax into the jar. This can be dangerous so you might want to tie the wick to a stick while you pour your lovely wax. When you're done, just wait for 48 hours for the wax to dry.

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