Saturday, June 6, 2009

Ready to Switch From Gas Cookers to Electric Cookers?

By Rick Jarman

When it comes to cooking and baking appliances, many homes now use either electric cookers, gas cookers or coal. Some units especially those used by major restaurants actually do both. But we can comfortably say that in modern homes,electric cookers and gas cookers are the most widely used. In the United States, electric cookers are predominant in apartments, town homes and condominiums while gas cookers can be seen mostly in homes. There are however many exceptions to this rule. Coal is no longer widely used in homes because gas and electric cookers are faster, cleaner and safer. Coal is only used either outdoors or in less developed countries but this is also lessening in these countries.

There has been debate regarding which is better; the electric cooker or the gas cooker. The gas cooker is more or less preferred by professional chefs because they feel that it is easier to regulate the flame of the burner and thereby cook better food than if they were using electric cookers. Gas cookers are freestanding stove/ovens which have a burner which can be ignited by a match or a lighter. A gas lighter pumps a gentle stream of gas onto the burner and this can also be regulated using a series of control knobs or buttons on the stove.

In many countries, there are two ways to get the gas to the burner. In developing countries the stoves can be purchased as a freestanding unit which is complete but minus the gas. Then there is a place where the gas cylinder can be inserted and its nose attached to a faucet which then propels the gas to the burner. The stove will then function as perfectly as any other as long as the gas cylinder has gas. This types of stoves are still very much in use in the Third World but in the First World, they are more or less used either backyard barbecue purposes or for outdoor picnics. In the developed world, there is an intricate network of pipes that runs under most homes much in the same way as water pipes run. Gas is then pumped through these pipes by a gas utility company much the same way as electricity is transmitted or water is pumped. This means that if the customer does not come good on his or her bill then the gas company can actually turn off the gas just the same way as the electric company would turn off the power.

Electric cookers rely solely on electricity. They are easy to operate and cheap to buy. They are also considered safer by many people. This is because when it comes to gas, it is very easy to accidentally turn on the gas without cooking. Gas is highly flammable and there have been numerous accidents associated with gas fires and explosions in recent times. There is no such danger with electric cookers If someone accidentally leaves the cooker on, the coils or surfaces will only get hot but there is little risk of a fire.

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