Thursday, October 1, 2009

Adding Creative Storage Solutions to Your Home before Putting it Up for Sale

By Crystal Guthrie

If you are trying to make your home more attractive to potential buyers, there are several home improvement ideas that you might want to consider implementing. Creating more storage space in your home is an effective yet inexpensive idea you might want to consider. This is especially helpful in smaller homes, but buyers are lured to creative storage options in homes of all sizes.

Creating a snack center where the kids can easily access tasty after-school treats is a popular idea. The kids are less likely to make a mess throughout the house as they search for the treats they are after by keeping all of the snacks concentrated in one area. By adding a cabinet that is specifically designed for snacks and is in easy reach for the children, potential buyers will certainly be impressed.

Having an area that is specifically designated for breakfast products is also a big hit among homebuyers, in addition to having a snack area. Here, you will have shelving and cabinets that are exclusively designated for breakfast products including cereal as well as cereal bowls and spoons.

Craft closets are prove interesting to potential buyers. Hobbies are more enjoyable when you have a good place to store everything so it is out of the way, yet easily accessible. Those who are looking to purchase a home would love to see a craft cabinet. In this closet, you should include some larger shelves for bulkier items such as sewing machines as well as clear bins to hold smaller items. Ensure to also leave some taller space available for items such as wrapping paper rolls. You should consider hanging a paper towel rack inside the closet for spools of ribbon and other items to be hung.

Quite a number of potential buyers are attracted to homes with bartending stations as well. It is quite easy to create one of them. Just attach a shelf to place your highball glasses and then screw some slotted holders underneath to hold your stemware. Including a small wire rack will do well for storing garnishes, napkins, coasters, and drink mixes, plus some other items, while a few x-shaped dividers will provide you with a great place to store your wine.

As you look through your home and prepare it for market, consider areas where you can help improve the home's storage capabilities while also making it more convenient. Adding more ?extras? to your home will make it stand out from the other properties that are on the market. Apart from that, creating these creative storage areas may only require the addition of a few pieces of hardware or cabinetry, making it a relatively cheap improvement that can give you lots more for your money.

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