Monday, October 12, 2009

How To Improve Your Home With Landscape Lighting

By Thomas Fryd

Landscape lighting is a design trend that has recently gained popularity. One explanation for this popularity is that landscape lighting has the ability to increases your property's value, by preventing nighttime theft and vandalism. Another is that using lighting at night, you can create an outdoor landscape for safe evening entertainment and you are able to extend the use and beauty of your gardens into the post sun down hours. During hot summer nights, it is a great joy to be able to escape the heat of the house and relax in your well lit garden or outdoor entertainment area.

It is without doubt that landscaping increases your homes value. Many homeowners are willing to pay professionals thousands of dollars to haul in rocks and create dramatic garden features but often overlook the power of light. Light has asmost magical properties in an outdoor setting at night. Lighting gives you the ability to highlight the best features of your gardens, flowerbeds and other landscape features at all hours, allowing you the best return on your significant investment.

Landscape lighting can also provide safer walkways, resulting in less chance of a slip and fall claim against your home insurance. It can also personally save you or your loved ones the pain of a nasty fall or other form of injury! Some reputable insurance companies offer a discount or reduction on your insurance premiums depending upon the type of landscape lighting you choose as it may be considered as a deterrent against theft and burglary.

Good lighting such as Malibu lights can also offer you that added sense of security; well illuminated residential areas are less likely to attract burglars and vandals. When you arrive home late at night, the welcome of a well lit entry is also comforting.

If you ever decide to sell your home, your landscape lighting investment will be of benefit twice over, as not only have you been able to take advantage of your beautiful lighting at night as it highlights your walkways, gardens, and flowerbeds and allows you to entertain outdoors well after sunset, but you will also be able to pass on that beauty and those advantages to your home's new owner. The fact that your efforts with regards to night time lighting have extended the use of your home's entertainment area and built in a safety factor will go a long way towards improving your chances of obtaining the best price for your home. That is something that all home owners should find attractive!

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