Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Beginner's Guide To Solar Power : How To Get A Solar Power Grant

By Mark Walters

The importance of renewable energy sources shouldn't be understated, especially in times like these where both greenhouse gases and global warming are on the rise. It's critical that proper attention is given to reducing carbon emissions.

It's important that the population do what they can to minimize their impact on the environment by looking at other more environmentally friendly means of heating their homes for instance.

Governments around the world have offered grants, tax breaks and concessions to those who are willing to do their bit by helping out the environment. However, sometimes it can be hard to know what's on offer and how to get them (how to get solar power grants for example).

So, if you're interested in doing your bit to improve the environment that you live in, and being rewarded for you efforts, what's the best way to proceed?

The website for the 'Database of State Incentives for Renewable and Efficiency' is a good place to start. The site provides a map of the United States which allows Americans to click on the state in which the live and a host of further links will be presented that will outline the incentives or grants which are on offer at individual state levels.

You should definitely be checking out this site before taking any other steps towards living a greener life. You'll then know exactly what you're entitled to and the amount of money that you can receive. This is probably the first step in order to understand how to get solar power grants for instance.

Of the items you'll find there, look specifically for:

- The policy or incentive type, whether it be a tax credit, net metering or similar program.

- What sectors are entitled to the benefits, whether it is residential, government or commercial premises.

- Who is actually offering the grant? Is it a state or federal one?

- A direct link to the website of the organization which is offering the incentive or grant.

- The purpose the grant is on offer for, whether it is for the installation of solar power, wind energy or insulation, etc.

A combination of this website and the individual websites of the various state and federal departments will set you well on your way. You could soon be receiving thousands of dollars to use for the installation of one or more renewable energy, or environmentally friendly, facilities..

Though your can find lots of information on how to get solar power grants from just a single visit to these websites, it's advisable to regularly monitor them as they updated every couple of months. Governments, both state and federal, are constantly improving the grants, incentives and benefits being offered, so even if you can't find anything appealing today, you may well find something in the near future.

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