Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Benefits of Keeping the Junk in Your Garage

By Harrede Weretinn

Are you always busy that you don't have time to clean your home? It must be the reason why it resembles the pitiful state of the whole New Orleans after the strong and powerful hurricane Katrina unleashed its full fury upon it. You know that you don't need a house reminiscent of a hobo's or a vagrant's hovel, right? If you find yourself disappointed with your messy living room and even messier bedroom, then you must do something. Therefore, act now to transform your place into a good-looking one that would be worthy to be featured in a glossy magazine. Begin Operation Clean Up.

Granted, the whole task will be a daunting challenge even for the most experienced house cleaner. However, there are ways to make things easier to bear. You can start by listing down all the things you need to do. Then after carrying out each task, tick it off your list. This will give you a sense of accomplishment that will inspire you to move forward. Remain committed and dedicated to the job so that you house will look great once again. Get inspiration from other people by reading magazines or watching home improvement features in the television.

The first thing that you should do is to gather all your junk and put them in a single place. If you are at a loss as to where the perfect place is, you might try looking at the garage. The succeeding paragraphs will tell you the benefits of keeping your junk in the garage.

Most architects plan a garage that is large enough to house a car. They also allot an extra space so that homeowners will have an easy time moving around. You may utilize this space to install a cabinet for your junk. Keep all your seasonal items like inflatable pools, winter gears and sports materials in this cabinet when they are not in use. Put labels on the boxes for easy reference. Have them printed clearly so that when the time comes that you will need them, you can easily pick them without sweating like a pig for hours on end.

The second essential reason for stowing your junk in the garage is that it is a safe location. It will be protected from a lot of environmental factors, such as the cold winter air and the scorching heat of the summer sunshine. This will prevent your stuff from aging in a rapid manner. However, it can't totally prevent draft from settling in the garage. This means that you must cover your boxes with plastic.

Your items will also be hands-off to dangerous people like burglars or robbers because the garage is a safe area especially if it's locked. Only one or two people must have access to the key to limit possible break-ins. This would also prevent misunderstandings later on if a particular member of the household can't find an item he is looking for. There will be less suspects in this is the case.

Third, stashing junk in the garage will encourage you to reduce, reuse and recycle. This way, you will be saving money because you won't be encouraged to buy new products at the department or grocery store every so often. This is one effective way of tightening the proverbial belt especially in this time of financial turmoil that is affecting every single individual. Having money conscious habits will increase your purchasing power by a mile.

After learning why it is important to stash junk in the garage, may you apply it in your household practices so that you can get the benefits in a short while. Good luck!

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