Sunday, October 4, 2009

Choosing a Teeth Whitener

By Dave Smith

Finding a decent teeth whitener can be very difficult at times, but nonetheless it is something that absolutely has to be done. You can't be having yellow teeth, that's for sure. While it may not bother you, it can certainly bother others, especially if you go to different events, or even church. Yellow teeth can hurt your chances at romance because what woman wants to be with a guy that has yellow teeth? No women that I know, that's for sure. So how do you go about finding the teeth whitener that is right for you?

In order to find the best option there are a few things to consider. You must understand how your teeth feel, look, and how they would handle a proper teeth whitening regimen. For instance, if you have sensitive teeth, then you probably want to take the proper precautions. If you're not sure, try biting into an ice cream cone and figure it out. If you do then utilize the gel is out of the question and you should focus on strips or paints.

Suffering from a gag reflex? Every once in awhile, we come across someone who can't stand to put a whitening guard in their mouth. It's quite understandable, and if you have an issue with it then you should look for an alternative method. Again, if you're not sure just stick your finger in the back of your throat. If the gag reflex takes place then strips and paints are your best option.

The next question is whether or not you have any tooth caps, or any other tooth modifications. If you do, you can use whitener, but be warned that whitening strips will have no effect on any artificial tooth. While they will do a handsome job of cleaning your natural teeth, your modified teeth will remain the same color, which will look a little odd when you go out in public. This is probably a point where you will want to choose a paint-on whitener instead of strips or gels.

Money plays a huge role in what sort of teeth whitener you actually get. If you don't have much to spend you'll obviously be getting a cheap one, but know that teeth whiteners can actually cost more than $100 easily.

In the end there are various ways to get started. The first and most common are choosing whitening toothpaste. You'll find that it's not much different than using regular toothpaste. However, there are several different ingredients that can help you get rid of stains. One thing to notice is that there is not any bleach present, which means this will have to be done on a continuous basis. Plus, it will only work on the surface.

Using a combination of one or two can definitely be more effective. In this case we recommend using whitening strips after you've taken advantage of the whitening toothpaste. Utilizing them both will enhance your results and give you a whiter smile in a shorter amount of time.

However, at the end of the day there are several ways to get a gleaming smile. It's just important for you to understand each one before going out and making a purchase. A little cautionary measure never hurt anyone, and your smile will thank you for it later.

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