Sunday, October 4, 2009

Electric Permanent Magnet Motor -The Number One Home Energy Solution

By Karl Landry

The Future Of Free Energy?

To put it simply, an electric permanent magnet motor is a motor that uses the repelling and attracting forces of a magnet to create free energy. This energy efficient device is very fresh and new on the scene and many believe it will soon be the way every household generates free energy, and even power companies will be using it.

How Does It Work?

This device operates of the properties of magnets and magnetic energy. When you use magnetic energy it will produce perpetual motion which can be used to make free energy that can power your household. These motors don't need much energy and it will produce more energy than you actually need to power your household.

What Are The Benefits Of Using This Device?

* This device can power up any appliance you have in your home including the television, computer, lights, washing machine, and everything else.

* You can eliminate your power bill by 50% or completely.

* You can easily find the parts you need to construct your own motor at the local hardware store and the tools basic tools you probably already have in your tool box.

* Your former power company will give you special credits for being more energy efficient.

* It doesn't make any difference about what the weather looks like or anything like that because it will still be running and producing energy.

* The amount of time it takes to build one of these motors is very short even if you have never built one before.

Numerous energy efficient experts believe that this electric permanent magnet motor will be the future of generating energy and the big power companies don't like how that sounds. Most homeowners that have seen this motor in action has already began producing their own energy using this energy efficient technology because they noticed the many benefits one of these motors can provide. Since the power companies didn't like this idea they have been trying to keep it from reaching the public, but it is little they can do about it now.

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Alexander said...

Nice read. I’m using a system to generate my own eletricity at home,
and I went from paying $192.20 (monthly) in electricity bills to $26.75 and I’m very happy with it.

You can get the blueprints here:

What I dont undertand is how to claim the special credits from the power company for being more energy efficient.