Friday, October 9, 2009

Electromagnetic Induction And Photovoltaic Solar Energy

By Dale Green

The planet we are living on never stops in providing renewable sources of energy good enough to sustain our daily needs. And when it comes to renewable powers, some places are able to utilize this power as an alternative to mechanical electricity.

We must seek to develop, store and generate the earth's current form into usable power for our needs. Even though the wind, sun, and even the earth itself will never stop providing us the energy we desire. As our fossil fuel continues to be depleted, we seek with urgency to find a way to transition into alternative energy sources.

Considering what was done the last century to turn fossil fuels into crude, the process of generating energy from alternative fuels is not as difficult. Then after it's turned into crude, they refine into different types of gas, diesel, and petroleum blends. The entire process has taken a lot of work, and cost millions of dollars!

Although quite foreign to us to switch over to a new form of energy, it is necessary to help preserve our earth and improve our atmosphere. This will help us to continue the lifestyles we are used to, and have a little control over our global warming.

This transitioning is very useful and helpful to all of us. An example of this useful alternative energy is the solar power. Solar power can be generated into electricity, which is needed everywhere but is very expensive. By using solar electricity, people do not need to pay for electricity power since solar comes from the sun. But one thing that limits the development of this is the costs involved in making the necessary equipments to be able to convert the solar energy into electricity. This is what all of us should ponder and decide on.

Michael Faraday, a British scientist discovered electricity back in the 1800's. Electricity was the same then as it is today. With even different methods of changing energy into electrical energy, the most common is the induction electromagnetic. That is when kinetic energy is transformed into electricity. To just put the basics of electricity to work for us in a different way will take a bit of training, skills, and education.

Not photovoltaic technology is moving a lot quicker than it had been in the past. The biggest problem found with photovoltaic is the solar panel is much higher than the mechanically generated power. We are now growing by leaping up 40 percent, Germany, Japan, California, are in the lead. We hope that within then next few years the market will turn around, and solar power will be a lot more feasible than petroleum.

Learning new methods or techniques to develop this energy into renewable fuels is possible. Students of this generation are being taught in school to be aware of the depleting condition of the mother earth because of the global warming. Perhaps some of them would be trained to help in the development of new methods and equipments to be used for transitioning the energy from the sun, the wind, and the earth into alternative energy that are not harmful to the environment. This will make a great improvement for the planet we all live in.

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