Thursday, October 8, 2009

Making Vinyl Stickers

By Bart Icles

It is not unusual for people to share their thoughts to the world through their vehicles and the walls of their houses. Sometimes they even add personality to their cars, trucks, boats, walls, and windows. There are lots of ways by which people can make their vehicles, walls, and windows more attractive. They either use paint or stencils in making their statements. The newest trend in expressing ones thoughts in terms of designing vehicles or walls is through the use of vinyl stickers. If you are not familiar with how vinyl stickers work, you will soon find it is worth learning how.

Vinyl stickers have started to become as popular methods of expressing one's thoughts, beliefs, ideas, and personality. You can see lots of vinyl stickers in automobiles, boats, walls, books, shirts, and windows. Many people have started to use vinyl instead of traditional paint or stencil because vinyl proves to be a lot easier to apply. Not to mention that the material can be easily designed according to your own preferences - from its colors to its shape. You can easily order a vinyl sticker or sets of vinyl stickers from your local vinyl store or you can make one yourself. How do you this? All it takes are some pretty simple steps.

First, you must be able to choose a design. It is best that you select high contrast images that have vibrant colors and clean edges. You can have these images scanned or you can also create your own designs through illustrator program. Once you have made a copy of your desired design, it is time that you experiment with colors. Process or spot colors typically print well while Pantone matching system colors will only come out as good as your printer performs.

You will then need to print copies of your design. Printable vinyl sheets are often available only in 8.5 by 11 inches sizes. Set the vinyl decals on the tray and start printing away. You can try printing a test page to see if all the colors come out as desired. You can use a paper cutter to cut out the stickers if they are still not scored for separation. After you have printed your stickers and cut them to size, you can already apply them to the areas you wish to see them.

Printing vinyl stickers at home is quite easy. For large and cumbersome designs, you can ask a local vinyl printing company to do the job of making stickers for you. You can ask local companies if they are able to print out your desired designs and if they have the colors you want on your vinyl.

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