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Shabby Chic Dresser and Furniture Choices for Every Age of Princess

By Alysha Miller

Today, many little girls have grown up with Barbie and Disney princesses as their role models. Because of that, many little girls want a bedroom that's "princess themed," so that they can feel like princesses, in their own rooms. However, instead of going with a specific princess design, you can go "shabby chic" with furniture so that the princess theme you get is uncluttered, clean and pristine. If you're an adult and you want to go "shabby chic" with a princess theme, too, you can do this, too, for a calm and serene place that you want to come home to.

"Shabby chic" means a type of design for your home that is comfortable and functional. Usually, "shabby chic" furniture is white, and antique or gently used furniture can be painted white to give it a clean, functional, fashionable look. However, "shabby chic" when it comes to a bed or dresser doesn't just mean one thing. You can combine shabby chic with Victorian, country or romantic themes for a unique style. You can also take vintage furniture, paint it white, and use vintage lace for a comfortable, "lived in" quaint quality. As a furniture line, shabby chic uses quality wooden white furniture that's both well made and of the highest workmanship, but is also still affordable and comes in many stylish designs.

Many shabby chic rooms have as their central focus of vintage, old-fashioned, ornate mirrors. These types of large mirrors can be very feminine, can make a small room look larger and give it more depth. If your daughter is small, make sure you anchor a large merchant wall for safety, then create a fantasy world by giving her a dress up corner fit for a princess. Some wall hooks by the mirror can display your daughter's favorite costumes, and you can put small wooden bins by the mirror to hold costume jewelry, crowns, feather boas and other accessories fit for a princess.

Expand on this for adults by adding a small secretary mirror to the decor. These mirrors are small and sit on the vanity table, the dresser, or the secretary desk and provide elegance and ambiance.

If the room is for an adult, a small secretary mirror can add to the decor in that they are handy to go on the vanity table, or on a matching secretary desk or "shabby chic" dresser. All of these things will make room look much more elegant.

Importantly, the dresser and nightstand, too, are a focus in a "shabby chic" room. Furniture pieces often have glass pulls on the handles and are carved very ornately to make them more feminine. Using a bookcase can work well in this "streamlined" uncluttered look because items can be stored easily out of reach. It'll make your child more organized and can help her keep it from getting messy. She can store her books, dolls, awards, family pictures, and more on the shelves or on top of her dresser. If a woman is the one using the shabby chic room, a secretary desk can provide the perfect focal point for a "princess" look that traditional desks just can't provide. Secretary desks have skinny legs, mineral designs, and narrow benches that go well with "shabby chic" streamlined, uncluttered look.

Painting a room with a fresh coat of paint is a good start when you begin to redesign your child's bedroom. The perfect princess room may have a softly pink or purple-backed fairy tale design, although you can use any color you want, including soft yellow, off-white, or pastels. If you wish, you can start with white and then add colorful borders, murals, butterfly or star wall hangings, peel and stick decals -- anything goes. Use a large banner with a fairytale scene and inscribed with your child's name hung up over the bed for a personal touch.

Put up a fresh coat of paint in order to make the walls pop when redesigning a child's bedroom. Many princesses' themed rooms use a soft pink or purple to go with the fairy tale design, though an off white or soft yellow work just as well. Alternatively, you can paint the walls white and add a colorful border. Princess, crown, castle or chandelier murals can be hung on the walls. Butterfly or star wall hangings and peel and stick decals are another attractive options. For a personal touch, a large banner with a fairy tale scene and the child's name can be hung up over the bed.

Though Shabby Chic works great with a light colored carpet for a truly authentic princess look go with hardwood floors. Area rugs featuring a floral design can be placed in front of a Shabby Chic dresser or by the bed. Lighting also matters in a Shabby Chic design. A chandelier, desk lamp or floor lamp with teardrop chains or glass beading can be the focal point in a room. Fairy lights can also be hung over the wall for added detail.

Shabby chic can mean that you take someone else's old items they no longer need and use them for your own purposes, thus giving them new life. You can take a new piece of furniture in shabby chic design, then add to it with other items defined in yard sales, attics, estate sales, or flea markets. Older items can be well used, of course, but they still should have been handled with care, so purchase carefully when you decide on this course of action. Trying to use damaged items or those with missing pieces might not be salvageable and may end up costing you more money than they're worth. Shabby chic is usually based around the color white, of course, but you can also add some dark colored pieces. Cream-colored furniture, too, goes well with your shabby chic princess' bedroom.

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