Monday, June 1, 2009

Candle Lanterns - How To Use Them To Decorate Your Home

By Candace Dogood

No longer are candles just used for lighting your house when the power goes out. In our world today, candles have taken on a much more pleasing and inviting task. They are now being used as part of the overall decor of the house and can improve any room that they are used in.

In order to understand how candles are used in everyday decor, it is helpful to understand the types of candles that are available. Candles come in many shapes and sizes. There are votive candles, tealight candles, tapered candles and last but not least, the pillar candles. In addition to the different shapes, candles come in pretty much every color combination you can imagine.

Another thing that can set one candle apart from another is the inclusion of objects such as leaves, sands and shells that can help the aesthetic appeal as well as the scent that the candle emits when burned.

Differing scents also distinguish one candle from another. The candle may have vanilla sticks embedded in it which produces a sweet vanilla smell. Other scents such as different flowers and fruits can also be included in a candle.

Another thing to be aware of is the space in your home and where you intend to place the candle. This will decide what type of candle you wil lbuy.

You may decide the perfect place for your candle is on the top of a table. If this is the place you want your candle to go, you will then need to buy an accessory such as a candelabra, candle plate or other type of candle holder. However, if you plan to mount it on a wall, then you will want to purchase a candle lantern to help support it.

The candle lantern can be made of any durable material. From metal, to crystal, to wood these materials are all common in any candle lantern. All of the candle lanterns are available in different designs and shapes which will fit your unique style.

When deciding where to place your wall candle lantern, you will not lack for places to put them. You could use them to light up an area or hallway or you could use them to highlight a painting or statue. However you use them, you will want to use them to light the way or highlight a work of art.

As you look around your home to figure out where the candle lantern could go, you will find yourself coming up with more and more ideas for where they can go. Narrowing down these choices will enable you to decide what types of candles to buy and what types of candle holders you will need.

More and more people are turning off their lights and lighting their homes with candles in order to return to a time gone by. If its a throw back evening to the time before electricity or simply a bubble bath after a long day, candles are your source for that comfort.

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